Feb 05, 2020 7:00 AM
ROTD: John Teilborg; Greeter: Jared Grier & Steve Frazer

Speaker:  Kathy Haubrich

 I started Marilyn's TWOcan- free bike rides for Seniors 3 years ago
in memory of my polio-surviving mother who lived with 2 paralyzed legs.
When her world began to shrink, I bought a Danish-made trike to take her
riding. When she passed, I decided to put her trike to good use. I
fundraised for a second bike with a wheelchair platform and have taken both
bikes to senior centers across the metro area for two full seasons already.
We gave over 300 rides last year and have doubled that amount to 600 rides
so far this year. Every other week we are in Prior Lake's beautiful Cleary
Lake Park taking busloads of seniors each on a 3.35 mile ride through the