This week's How long have you been a Rotarian?   I think it's been coming up on 5 years (actually it's been over 6 years).
Who was your sponsor?  Greg Kes
Why did you join Rotary?  Prior Lake Rotary is impressive. It's contagious and a leader in our community and in Rotary International.  I am happy to be a part of that. I have an affinity for all the good work that PL Rotary does.  I understand the international work that's done, having gone on a medical mission trip to Chimbote, Peru in the past.  I enjoy being a part of and seeing all the support PL Rotary continues to sustain and give back in our community.  To everything there is a season:  I would have to say I've been in the winter or dormant season of Rotary this last year, as caring for my father, my family and continuing to sustain and build a successful practice and business in the Prior Lake community has joyfully taken up my time.  My plan is to set up a corporate membership, so that Dr. Jacque Hermann, my intern & I can participate more fully in continuing to help support the vision of our PL Rotary. 
What is your vocation?  Short answer:  Chiropractor at Pathways Chiropractic Health Center.  Longer answer: To help people find their right path to sustain a healthy & happy life.
What do you do in your spare time? (spare time??) I enjoy a competitive round of golf, a good session of bridge (cards), a P90X workout along side my wife, caring for my parents, gathering with my 4 teenagers at mealtime, volleyball, dance, track and golf as well as enjoying our oldest daughter- Emily, whose already 23 years young.