Paul Perez


This week's Rotarian in the Spotlight: Paul Perez

How long have you been a Rotarian? Over 12 years.

Who was your sponsor? Chad LeMair

Why did you join Rotary? I always felt compelled to serve others. Chad would tell me about the meetings and some of the stories were unbelievable; I had to see for myself. I saw firsthand how fun the meetings were and it seemed like a great group of people I wanted to associate with.

What is your vocation? I'm the Property Service Director at Mystic Lake. I oversee the grounds and all parking areas, the entire fleet, and the on-site laundry and dry cleaning operations.

What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy fishing, hunting and spending time with family at our cabin, but I'm passionate about all things wrestling including helping the Prior Lake Wrestling Club.