Aug 26, 2020 7:00 AM
Play for Patrick
ROTD: Chad LeMair; (Oksana O.) Greeter: Guy Selinske; Zoom Greeter: Joan & David F

Owner: Mary Haugen

Speaker:  Michael Schoonover

Michael Schoonover, founder of non-profit in honor of son, Patrick, who died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  The foundation provides free screenings for high school kids in order to detect issues that may lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  On November 14, 2014, the world of youth hockey in Minnesota stopped. Patrick Schoonover, a 14 year
old playing in a youth tournament, died of Sudden Cardiac Death. His family had no knowledge of the heart defects that led to his death. In response to this tragedy, his parents established the Play for Patrick Heart Foundation. They fund and implement heart screenings for high school students to detect heart issues otherwise not discovered in normal physicals given to kids. Please join us on August 26 when Michael Schoonover, Patrick’s Dad, speaks to us about what happened to Patrick and what their foundation is doing to prevent Sudden Cardiac Death in other young people.