Speaker Date Topic
MN Chamber Jan 27, 2021
ROTD: Guy Selinske; (Ask Q: Don S.)Zoom Greeter: Kyle Haugen

Owner:  Mike Franklin - introduce

Speaker:  Doug Loon


Toxic Babies Feb 03, 2021 7:00 AM
ROTD: Marlys Gesme (Ask Q: Dan O.) Zoom Greeter: Bob Facente

Cindy Shepard


Ending Youth Exploitation and Trafficking Feb 10, 2021
ROTD: Jimi Gilberton (Ask Q: Dan O.); Zoom Greeter: Jack Haugen

Speaker:  Jessica Bartholomew, Founder and Executive Director of A.C.T. United of MN. Author and lead facilitator of "Youth Aware" teen exploitation prevention

The sexual exploitation and trafficking of children and teens is happening in every MN county with no community, gender, or ethnicity exempt. Working to end this public crisis will take a unified effort of individuals, businesses, and organizations like the Rotary who have a heart for children's health and safety and understand the value and power of collaborative efforts.  

Owner:  Frank Boyles

Equity and Inclusion Feb 17, 2021
ROTD: Frank Boyles (Ask Q: Jake J.) Zoom Greeter: Rick Olson

Owner:  Mary Haugen

Open Feb 24, 2021
ROTD: Laurie Hartmann; (Ask Q: Jake J.); Zoom Greeter: Joanie Lompart
?Get to Know Our New Members? Mar 03, 2021
ROTD: Tammy Higgins; (Ask Q:Paul K.); Greeter: Zoom Greeter:
Open Mar 10, 2021
ROTD: Dani Kawell, (Ask Q: Paul K.) Greeter: Zoom Greeter:
Club Meeting - St. Patty's Day Party Mar 17, 2021
ROTD: Paul Koenig (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Open Mar 24, 2021
ROTD: Pam Kraska (Ask Q:) Greeter: Zoom Greeter: Matt LaBrosse
Open Mar 31, 2021
ROTD: Andy Laufers, (Ask Q:) Greeter: Zoom Greeter:
Lakefront Musicfest Update Apr 07, 2021
ROTD:Joanie Lompart, (Ask Q:) Greeter
Open Apr 14, 2021 7:00 AM
ROTD: Doug MacCallum (Ask Q:) Zoom Greeter:
Open Apr 21, 2021 7:00 AM
ROTD: Rick Olson (Ask Q:) Greeter:
?Foundation - EREY? Apr 28, 2021
ROTD: Greeter: Manny Perez (Ask Q:) Zoom Greeter
Open May 05, 2021
ROTD: Susan Perez (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Open May 12, 2021
ROTD: Dan Poffenberger (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Open May 19, 2021
ROTD: Mitch Popple (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Open May 26, 2021
ROTD: Eric Pratt (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Open Jun 09, 2021
ROTD: Cindy Shepard (Ask Q:) Greeter:
President Marly's Presidential Year In Review Jun 16, 2021
ROTD: Jon St. Aubin (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Music Fest Information Mtg. Jun 23, 2021
ROTD: Teri Staloch (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Alcohol Awareness Training Jun 30, 2021
ROTD: Jeremy Stangler (Ask Q:) Greeter:
Kickoff of Musicfest in Lakefront Park Jul 07, 2021
ROTD: Dan Stanley (Ask Q:) Greeter:

Meeting in the Francis Boyles III pavilion